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When POD Digital was founded, our idea was to remodel the entire digital marketing industry. Lofty ambitions indeed. But in order to truly reinvent the wheel, we decided that we’d need move away from industry standard and adapt our approach to suit the needs of everyone that came to our door.

Before we begin to create a solution, we sit down with you and then our internal team to understand your industry, the competition and most importantly, what the targets and aspirations genuinely are. Once we know what you’re about and what you're looking for, we can begin producing an effective, bespoke marketing strategy that lays out the land of the present day and plans ahead for the days, months and years to come.

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What Can We Offer As An Ecommerce Consultancy?

Digital marketing is a cutting-edge industry that is still very much in its infancy, but, we don’t believe in abandoning traditional values. Our focus is on offering our customers support that transcends the standard client/agency dynamic.

We offer our advice on all aspects of your business to ensure the company can achieve what it set out to do.

We don’t just build you a website and simply bid you adieu – we’d much rather help you plan for the next steps, rather than wishing you good luck with your sales and leaving you holding the bag.

Our Ongoing Support Includes the Following Areas...


SEO is a complex, long-term investment. We are passionate about seeing our clients prosper, which means that before we even begin with a web build, we plan the next stages to understand how future SEO efforts will intertwine with the website creation. And even if you are working with another SEO company, we’re more than happy to offer our expertise to ensure that you achieve the goals you set out to accomplish, should you need it.

Web Design Retainer

We know there won’t always be room in the initial budget to make the changes that will aid SEO, improve conversion and make you more sales, which is why we offer our continued guidance by way of a web retainer service. We often uncover small details, which turn into practical ideas that we can build on as we delve deeper into an account, and it’s up to us to ensure that you understand how these details fit into the overall jigsaw of the ecommerce marketing strategy and why they will benefit you.


Pay-Per-Click can often be a confusing topic. But we’re more than happy to shoulder the hard work for you, and this can come in a few different forms, we can either take ownership of your current account, create and optimise an account on your behalf, or we can simply support you and offer guidance if you’d prefer to go it alone.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is something that we accept as part-and-parcel of our everyday lives, but as a business owner did you know it can be an incredibly powerful way to market you, your brand and your products to an audience that is far more inclined to hear what you have to say? We are huge advocates of Social Media marketing, and we believe that it’s something that almost all ecommerce businesses could benefit from. We’re always ready and willing to offer a helping hand in this department, whether it’s something as simple as creating an advert or something a little more complicated like running a competition – you can count on us

Business Development

Our support doesn’t just cover online concerns. In our many years of business, we’ve learnt that you could be doing everything perfectly on the surface, but if all isn’t well behind the scenes, things can begin to crumble. We can guide your organisational structure, recruitment and business development strategies to ensure that our online marketing efforts fit seamlessly into the bigger picture of your business.  

POD Success Stories

We strive for nothing but excellent results for our clients -results that drive conversions, sales, and revenue whether you're a small local business or a large e-commerce business. We are a team of talented and creative minds passionate about making your business a success. Discover our success stories below to view the significant results we've achieved for some of our clients to date.

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