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Ecommerce marketing

Ecommerce Marketing that Works – ROI is our DNA

At Pod we are a specialist Ecommerce Marketing agency, if you take your Ecommerce site seriously you are in the right place.  Our clients all remark about how refreshing our approach is, our philosophy is simple;


  • Regular face-to-face meetings
  • No Contracts
  • Flexible products and plans
Ecommerce consultancy

Ecommerce Consultancy

Here at Pod we ensure one of our Directors is your account manager. We have all run a variety of successful businesses in the past and currently. Dependent on your goals we meet weekly, fortnightly or as a minimum monthly. We strongly believe in face-to-face meetings as this ensures we are in touch with the business as it changes and it allows us to adapt your marketing to suit. At the meetings we bring the reports and findings since the previous meeting, we will offer suggestions to improve performance and ROI and fully explain the reports and how they inter relate to all the marketing activity.

Ecommerce web design

Ecommerce Web Design

Here at Pod Digital we start with mapping out any new site in the following ways,

  • Blueprint site map
  • Blueprint SEO and PPC site map
  • Wire frames with CRO for all main pages

It is vital to plan any new site very carefully, especially if you are upgrading an existing site. We often find companies will build a new site without proper planning; the results can be catastrophic for the business.

Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO

We are a specialist Ecommerce SEO Company. Ecommerce SEO is a little different to SEO on a traditional website, Ecommerce sites have significantly more pages and products than traditional website, this is good in some ways and challenging in others. The good part is that almost every page has a possible keyword opportunity, the challenging part is making the most of this.

One of the nicest things about Ecommerce SEO is it is much easier to track a real ROI that has been generated by SEO. We are 100% focused on results so careful thought and consultation goes into the SEO strategies. Clients can use Pod Digital just for SEO if they wish but we do prefer to be part of a completely joined up Ecommerce marketing plan.

Sea Whale

The POD Concept

At Pod, we do things differently. Unlike the rigid solutions provided by other agencies, we offer an optimal combination of digital marketing strategies tailored to match your business needs. We look at key factors such as your targets and aspirations; strengths and weaknesses; competitive environment and market share, then find opportunities to match your budget and timescale. We continuously develop portfolios as your needs change or opportunities arise, seeking to maximise profitability. 

Your pod of dedicated experts works closely with you to bring you the specific range of digital and traditional marketing capabilities and experience that you require. Communication is straight-talking and accountability is clear. Your targets become our targets and we are all part of the same team.