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Web Design

Like car manufacturers and interior design companies, website designers have had their foot on the style accelerator for years now. With increasingly higher octane technologies with which to fuel progress, today’s online shopfronts are constantly developing new style trends and looking out-of-date can happen very, very fast.

“Whale pods range from 2 – 15 members and are organised in matriarchal societies, with the closest links between mothers and their calves.”

Many luxury brands, such as Chanel, were slow adopters of online marketing, as websites were poorly equipped to represent the quality and sophistication synonymous with their brands; they simply weren’t good enough. The explosion of video, superb quality photography, large scale home pages for showing these visuals, interactivity, internet speed and complex functionality have all added to the capabilities of the online medium and its uses. Pod focuses on achieving superb quality for its clients’ sites, as well as ensuring that they are entertaining and loyalty-evoking to win client attention against the enormous array of other online sources of entertainment, such as Facebook, Youtube and Amazon Prime.

What makes a great website? Simple. One that meets its objectives, whether that be making sales, encouraging enquiries, or promoting a cause. Inherent in this statement is the fact that the website also needs to attract the target audience. At pod, we help you define the USP of your business, your target client and the competitive challenges you face, all of which are key to understanding what will work digitally. We ensure consistency across all aspects of your brand, such as design and message. We also ensure your website works smoothly in leading visitors to a sale.

Nowadays, websites are only one cog in the wheel of DM strategy, but they remain where sales happen and hence are fundamental to online success.


All our websites are bespoke, tailored to your business.


Seamlessly responsive websites are stunning on any screen.


After launch our continuous monitoring allows us to react to customer behaviour, increasing ROI.

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