Traditional marketing

Traditional Marketing

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Traditional marketing still has its place in a company’s overall strategy, often adding a tangible, secure aspect to the overall company image, in the same way a landline and bricks-and-mortar address do.

“Whales also communicate using postures and gestures, like head-butting and breaching, some of which are understood by humans and some aren’t.”

Pod offer these services as a complement to our DM offering, so providing a one stop shop solution for your ease and convenience. Brochures, leaflets and other marketing literature can be designed and printed, as well as distribution and targeting strategies created.


Bespoke designs from business cards and brochures to large scale banners and magazine adverts.


Print ready files supplied.


Distribution and targeting strategies created.

Myths About Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is dead
While there are many benefits to digital marketing, traditional marketing still has benefits under certain circumstances, since the characteristics of physical brochures and posters can be very suited to certain circumstances and a better way to get the message across than their digital counterparts. 

Offering traditional marketing, Pod assess your individual circumstances carefully and suggest this as part of your overall strategy if appropriate.

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