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– The Brief

When MyNextMattress approached us, the website was performing adequately, but they needed the help of a specialist to take their online business to the next level. At POD we take a holistic approach to marketing, and MyNextMattress sought our help to bring all of their marketing channels together to get them working in tandem for improved results.

The Challenge

After an in-depth investigation, we discovered that the product and category pages for their best-selling brands such as Hypnos and Sealy were ranking very poorly. We knew that to increase traffic; we needed to ensure that these pages were ranking well organically – mainly since these had the best chance of driving more revenue and the company wished to lower its overall ad spend.

– The Outcome

We split our strategy into two sections: Phase One and Phase Two.

Phase One:

We performed a comprehensive keyword analysis to pinpoint areas that were performing well and other areas that required a boost. We were then able to translate the higher volume search terms into a detailed sitemap which formed the basis of our ongoing strategy.

This sitemap enabled us to focus on the UX element of the top navigation menu, by ordering each category and subcategory into a logical format, which appeals to both users and search engines.

Phase Two:

Once this was rolled out, we were then able to break down our strategy into granular detail, by performing due-diligence on the technical aspects of SEO. This naturally led us to optimise pages by traffic and revenue priority order. After ensuring all of the errors on the site were minimised, we then focused on removing instances of duplicated content and replacing it with a uniquely optimised solution for each page, while designing, split testing, tweaking and implementing new landing page elements, with the overall goal of improving user experience, conversion and organic rankings. This part of the strategy also intertwined with creating long-form blogs which helped to drive further traffic to the site.

Once rankings improved, the next natural step was to develop an outreach structure to push search terms that meant the most to MyNextMattress in terms of revenue.

Improving rankings, driving revenue and diverting more traffic to the website is one thing, but we wouldn’t have been able to achieve the results we have without our ability to create relationships. Forming lines of communication with the client enabled us to meet deadlines and discuss technical ideas and approaches, which, although based on simplistic ideas, helped us to hit KPIs and form a prosperous working relationship.

– The Results

  • 129Priority Keywords on 1st Page of Google

  • 18.08%Conversion Increase

  • 28.16%Revenue Increase

My next mattress seo case study