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Internal Doors

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– The Brief

When Internal Doors came to us, they were looking for an overhaul of their current marketing strategies. They were struggling to create a brand and weren’t ranking for some crucial branded keywords, which affected traffic, leads and overall sales. Internal Doors were looking to bring all of their marketing channels under one umbrella with the goal of making them work much harder.

The POD philosophy of holistic marketing and our local proximity to the company made coming on board a much easier decision for Internal Doors.

The Challenge

Our first task was to plan a redesign of the site to improve the conversion and user experience aspects of the website. During the initial SEO planning phase we discovered that part of the reason that the company failed to rank for their crucial brand terms was down to keyword cannibalisation, in which several internal pages were ranking above the main branded pages, and keyword stuffing, where we saw an overuse of certain keywords on specific pages which were holding the site back.

We also spotted that essential onsite SEO elements were incorrectly implemented and if we stood a chance of turning fortunes around, we’d need to overhaul the current onsite setup completely.

– The Outcome

We began to restructure elements of the onsite SEO by removing duplicate content, creating a workable and search friendly URL structure for the whole site and stripping down examples of keyword stuffing. We then set about reworking the more technical elements of SEO, by attaching canonical tags to certain pages which helped to remedy some of the cannibalisation issues. Once rankings started to improve, we could then focus our attention on the conversion factors of technical SEO such as schema and a custom 404 page, while also building on the CRO features developed in the design phase such as a new menu structure and in-depth heat map reporting.

With our help Internal Doors are beginning to find success as a major brand in their market. The improving rankings, traffic and sales figures just goes to show how much we can achieve for our clients.

At POD we focus everything we do around ongoing communication. Without this, our success with Internal Doors, would never have been possible. We meet regularly with the company to discuss strategy and to place deadlines on new ideas and developments, which can be monitored, measured and customised. We encourage each of our clients to view us as an extension of their marketing team, which makes forming close ties much easier and ultimately more profitable for all parties.

– The Results

  • 80Priority Keywords on 1st Page of Google

  • 38.72%Traffic Increase

  • 20.43%Conversion Increase

  • 58.58%Revenue Increase