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Galleon Supplies

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– The Brief

Galleon Supplies initially approached us with a website which was performing competently, however, they required the assistance to improve their SEO footprint. As they had suffered with their previous marketing company not delivering on their promises, we set out on keeping the whole process transparent with the client. The website had a great product offering, however, it was a long way off achieving its full potential, with only a handful of their priority keywords landing on the first page of Google. Galleon Supplies main focus was to increase organic visibility in order to achieve growth in both traffic and revenue.

The Challenge

After completing an in-depth audit and analysis of their website from an SEO point of view, we identified that the current SEO strategy was performing poorly as they were failing to rank well for key categories and products. To increase their traffic and revenue, their priority keywords needed to rank better organically.

– The Outcome

Our work for Galleon started with a thorough keyword research strategy and the production of a new navigational sitemap to ensure that all SEO opportunities were identified. This enabled us to integrate new pages into the navigation, so we could make sure that the website covered all search term ideas that were found in our keyword research. This informed our on-site SEO strategy as meta recommendations, content and URL structures were updated to become more SEO friendly. This strategy led to an exceptional improvement in the organic rankings which resulted in greater volumes of traffic to the website.

Alongside on-site SEO, we also focused on developing areas of technical SEO which were previously holding the website back. This involved updating and redirecting broken links, implementing schema and fixing canonical URL issues which were preventing pages from ranking well.

Effective communication is a significant element of everything we do here at POD. We made sure that every step of our strategy was clear to Galleon as we always treat your business like it is our own. After the implementation of our SEO strategies, Galleon Supplies has witnessed outstanding growth within their market. The improvement of organic rankings, along with the increase in traffic and revenue demonstrates how we can help our clients to reach higher levels of success.

– The Results

  • 60Priority Keywords on 1st Page of Google

  • 417.49Traffic Increase

  • 82.31Revenue Increase