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Incredible as it is, searches on Facebook (FB) now outstrip those on Google. The days of finding a new dentist or holiday destination on FB via friend recommendations are all but here.

“Killer whales are one of the most social animals and are distinctly humanlike in some of their behaviours. Being able to use their social skills across many aspects of their lives is a sign of their high intelligence.”

There’s no mistake, social is massively powerful and, despite its slow-burn nature, we at Pod strongly recommend we assess its value to your business.

Interestingly, social is not about selling, at least not directly. In fact, that’s the worst thing you can do. Social is about entertainment, about becoming a friend, building trust and being interesting enough to win the browser’s valuable time more than what their friends are up to on FB, or browsing an online shop (unless, of course, it’s your shop).

We can advise you as to the benefits and pitfalls of each medium from Facebook to LinkedIn to Twitter, not to mention Pinterest and all the other most specialised sites; a short string of words on Twitter may suit a celebrity who needs to keep interest by creating a day-to-day dialogue with fans, whereas the visual impact of Pinterest is invaluable for a homewares company where aesthetics are vital.

Social is an on-going, keep-at-it kind of strategy and it takes time and commitment to build interest, trust and eventually, an often self-propagating following. Rewards can be huge for those who have the resilience and the charisma to keep at it. Pod can help you achieve this.

Myths About Social

Social marketing’s ROI can’t be measured
It’s easy to think of the ROI of social media as unmeasurable, since it is a slow burn strategy and works best when it is not a direct sell.  The truth is that it is measurable, as long as you are measuring the right aspects.

At Pod, we use a number of criteria like reach, traffic and leads, as well as some softer targets where appropriate, so as not to miss out on some of the other benefits gained from social media strategies.

Social media is only for the younger generation
As Facebook has developed, usage among the over 30’s has increased to current rates of about 40% demonstrating that this myth is far from reality.  This trend is true of a number of social media. 

At Pod, we look very carefully at your social media needs and strengths and work out a strategy aimed at maximising your social presence for your target audience.

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