Facebook & Instagram

Facebook & Instagram Marketing

When Facebook was launched in 2004, no one realised what an integral part of daily living it would become for much of the global population. It is the largest online community and is also nowadays effectively a search engine in its own right. Its popularity and functionality are changing the way that potential customers are targeted.

Advertising can be tailored to incredibly finite detail, including characteristics such as age, gender, geographic location, likes, interests and activities. Targeting can also be done by specifying which application is being used e.g. desktop or mobile. The value of such tailoring is demonstrated in lower costs per click through Facebook than are on average achievable through Google’s Pay Per Click. Also, for B2C, Facebook often shows higher ROI’s than other strategies.

Even if the most basic and historical concept of Facebook as a way for friends to share news and photos does not fit with your business needs, we at pod suggest it would be unwise to ignore such a powerful medium. Although it remains unclear to what exact uses and to what extent these uses will be utilised on Facebook in coming years, we believe that it will remain an enormously influential and significant player in digital marketing for the foreseeable future.