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Social Commerce: What's It All About?

At POD Digital, we’ve always firmly believed that social media for your business is a critical part of your overall marketing strategy. After all, how many forms of marketing give you a direct line of communication with your target market?

When utilised correctly and efficiently, social media allows you to communicate directly with your audience to grow your brand awareness and develop a meaningful dialogue with your followers.

This is an invaluable insight into who your audience is and what they’re looking for. Having this information on hand will impact your future campaigns and how you develop relationships with your customers.

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Social Media Success Stories

We've helped countless business owners find their voice on social media, could your company be next?

  • Liverpool International Horse Show Case Study

    Liverpool Horse Show

  • Bigger Diamonds 4 Less Case Study

    Bigger Diamonds 4 Less

  • Colourbank Carpets & Beds Case Study

    Colourbank Carpets & Beds

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The Future of Facebook Advertising

We're always looking to revolutionise and evolve our approach to Social advertising. The Facebook Messenger Bot is an invaluable tool which helps us to achieve this aim. The bot is used during the competitions we run for our clients to create a database of emails. The beauty of this is that you are also creating a list on your Facebook messenger platform that you can contact via messenger broadcasts at any time about relevant products and competitions.

There are over 15 million companies advertising on Facebook messenger and it's thought only 300,000 worldwide are utilising it correctly. Compared to an email open rate of 14-20%, the open rate for messenger is 80 – 90% which presents huge opportunity for your online store.

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Why Facebook Advertising?

All social advertising allows you to tap into an already engaged audience cheaply and efficiently, but we believe there is one social platform that stands head-and-shoulders above the rest: Facebook. Facebook is a hugely effective way to increase exposure and traffic for your business while creating loyal customers and generating valuable lead opportunities and sales.

Facebook is one of the most powerful advertising platforms in the world and with more users than the population of China, is it something that your company can afford to miss out on?

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Our Approach to Social Ecommerce

Health Checks

We audit existing accounts to determine current activity and strategies. We will also examine your main competitor’s channels to learn how they are approaching their strategy. We ensure all of your social accounts and profiles are set up correctly and with a consistent brand message going forward.


We work with you to build a strategy for your social media marketing. This is entirely different for every company so yours will be customised to your business.

We encourage you to be actively involved in the content posting because no one knows your industry and your business better than you. Creating campaigns that promote interaction and sharing is our goal because nothing drives potential customers to the unfollow button quicker than endless streams of sales driven nonsense.


We will monitor all activity on your profiles and will pre-agree with you who will respond to comments and messages and how they are answered.  This is to ensure a consistent voice is heard across the board that reflects your brand values.


Paid advertising in social media is a valuable tool for reaching your desired audience, this way you can target products and services to them that they are genuinely interested in. We create advertising campaigns for you that are shown to specific audiences.

With the implementation of the Facebook Pixel to your website, we can build audiences based on where the user is in the sales funnel and remarket accordingly. Incorporating your product catalogue into your Facebook advert account will allow adverts that instinctively show the user products they have been browsing based on the pixel data received.


We will analyse all of the social media activity both paid and non-paid to keep up to date on all activity. This is one of the most important factors, not being able to interpret the data correctly could mean missed opportunities and potential overspend on poorly performing adverts. We will share all reports with you and discuss at our consultation meetings.

Cross-Channel Promotion

Something we believe strongly in but think is often overlooked is cross-channel promotion.  It is so essential that messages being sent across all mediums are consistent and show the same brand values.  We ensure social media activity, print ads, email marketing and web offers are all compatible and selling the same message.

  • Organic Posts – From £260 (pm)

    Our organic posts will be curated to suit your individual business needs with a combination of sales based, entertaining and informative posts designed to get the most engagement from your followers.

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    From: £260 (pm)

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  • Paid Advertising – From £300 (pm)

    Paid advertisements are the perfect way to reach out to potential new and existing customers. Bespoke demographic profiling and the use of remarketing will ensure that your brand is seen across social media.

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    From: £300 (pm)

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  • Messenger Bot – From £250 (pm)

    Used to build databases to use for further marketing via FB Messenger and also via email marketing, messenger bots allow you to reach the people who want to hear from you.

      Package Includes:

    From: £250 (pm)

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