Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO

The foundation for any SEO campaign is robust onsite optimisation. Pod ensure that the optimisation of your website is inline with the latest Google recommendations. Focusing on making sure that the structure of your website matches the users intent. This will dramatically improve the chance of gaining exposure for internal pages on your website, helping to lead visitors to a page which is exactly matched to their search.

Onsite optimisation takes many forms, wether its the wording within your page titles and page headings, or ensuring that your users are not sent to any pages that do not exist. We spend a large amount of time researching the latest techniques to ensure that we are constantly delivering the best quality SEO, we will continually monitor and update your website so that you do not fall behind the competition.

Some elements of onsite optimisation can be confusing, we work with you through the whole process to make sure that you understand everything that we are doing. Alternatively we are happy for you to sit back and let us work away, Pod are happy to be flexible and work how you need us to.


We’ll optimise your website inline with latest Google recommendations

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