E-commerce SEO

Here at Pod digital we have a proven history for focusing on SEO for E-commerce websites and a real passion for achieving fantastic results for our customers. We decided to focus on E-commerce because the success can be much more easily tracked.

SEO – Approach

The first thing we do is a complete audit of your current site, this will show us how you have performed in the past, did you fall foul of the algorithm changes and how you are doing now. We can also see if you’re in any kind of penalty.

All structural issues will be identified and remedies suggested.

We then analyze your site map ensuring the site has the correct number of pages and all are properly planned to maximize your performance. There is also a large amount of consultancy required as the keywords fall into three main categories, these are broad or umbrella keywords, category keywords and finally exact match or brand key words. It is important that budget and expectations are managed together.

On Site Optimization

Once we have an agreed a plan with you we will commence the onsite optimization, unlike many other companies we will optimize the entire website, this ensures the whole site is visible to Google. Once this process is concluded we monitor the results and algorithms and adjust accordingly.

Off Site Optimization

Essentially off site optimization is link building, these fall into two categories.

Low-level links – Once we understand your industry there will be a number of low-level links that are safe and appropriate, these may be directories, trade associations, Yell etc.

Secondly there are heavyweight links, these are much harder to get and come from websites that have high authority and good relevance. We work closely with you on a combined approach which in many cases involves us producing high quality video, photography and text which is very engaging therefore very successful in attracting high quality links. The content is generally used for the website, within social media and for SEO purposes. This is very much an ongoing process if you wish to keep your website ahead of the curve.

Myths About SEO

SEO is a waste of money
SEO is a complex and technical business. As such, it is more open to scams and sub-standard service because purchasers cannot easily tell what SEO is being done for them, or whether it will work. Although occasionally, SEO provides quick and significant wins (mainly when a site has structural technical problems), generally it is a strategy that required a lot of work over a period of time where each small step forward builds on the previous ones, to eventually produce results. It is a strategy that needs maintenance to retain a strong listing, as the competitive environment shifts and frequent developments in what works best occur.

Link building is passé
There has been talk in recent years that link-building is an out-of-date strategy which will penalise your efforts to optimise your site, as it is frowned upon by Google. This is not the case. What has changed, or rather improved, is that Google has clamped down on poor and deceptive link-building (called ‘black hat’) which perpetrators are strongly penalised. That means for those companies who use ‘white hat’, or quality link-building, such as anchor text signalling and link authority, opportunities are improved. In short, as Google improves its ability to filter results for higher quality listings, those who promote themselves in an honest and reasonable fashion will benefit and the cheats and deceptive SEO strategies will be rejected.

At pod, we use only the best ‘white hat’ link-building strategies and strive to represent our customers’ websites in the most honest and reasonable fashion, so building strong links and building successful SEO.

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