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Paid Search (PPC)

Get noticed

There are two ways to get noticed online, either by organic SEO where you continuously work to do the things the search engines rate and gradually work your way up the listings; or you simply pay for it. That’s PPC.

“Killer whales beach themselves while charging onto the beach to grab sea lions in a technique called storming the beach. They then shuffle back to the sea.”

Pay Per Click (PPC) buys the top positions in searches for specific phrases. Pod’s success in PPC strategies lies in optimising cost versus benefit, ensuring that each click paid for has the best chance of converting into the desired action e.g. a sale, versus other PPC adverts you could have paid for. We also consider PPC against the other tools available, such as organic SEO and whether spend on this would produce an overall better ROI. We continuously improve our approach via CRO analysis.

PPC bids up to your predetermined limit in an auction that takes place each time a particular keyword is searched, showing your advert in the priority page location if your bid succeeds. Clearly, the more key the search wording for you, the more you should spend. Pod can manage keyword campaigns to maximise returns (via machine learning software) using the latest PPC methods and monitoring and adjusting future activity to improve results via CRO and A/B testing.

Our campaigns can include all areas of marketing:

  • Search Campaign
  • Display Marketing
  • You Tube / Video & Image Marketing
  • Google Shopping

We normally set one campaign for each key business area i.e. one for each item on the menu bar. Once campaigns are up and running steadily, PPC is a valuable addition to your DM strategy.

Myths About Paid Search

You pay twice for PPC, as agencies take a cut
Some agencies do charge a commission on top of the official Google rate for PPC. At Pod, we are totally transparent and do not charge any PPC commissions, although we will charge a fee for managing this strategy for you.

Sometimes customers consider managing their PPC campaigns themselves. It is worth noting that PPC is not something that you set up once and leave to run, it takes time, skill and experience to build and develop successful campaigns; experimenting with pricing and keywords and phrases, keeping up with the latest search trends for your particular niche, calculating which adverts have produced the best results. 

At Pod, we are fully equipped to manage successful PPC campaigns.   

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