Email Marketing

Email Marketing

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Like most aspects of current DM strategies, email marketing can work for or against you, depending on how you use it.


“Different whale pods can be recognised by the specific sounds they make, with each pod having its own dialect of whistles and pulsed calls.”

At Pod, we adjust the dials to get the right levels of frequency, tone and content for the audience you’re targeting. We help you build a trusting relationship with your client contact list, so that you’re not, like most email marketing, consigned to Clutter. In short, we believe targeting is the key.

There are two reasons why you might email your client list; firstly, to update them on developments in their area of interest and secondly, to inform them of a direct sale which might be of direct interest to them because they are known to be interested in that specific product and you have a specific piece of information on it, like a price promotion, or a new characteristic or benefit. We tailor frequency and timing of emailing to your company and sector; emailing two-for-one cocktail offers to local emails on every Friday afternoon may well produce increased drinks sales, but luxury car details may be better received only at bonus time. Getting this wrong can quickly damage trust and cause you to lose email access altogether.

We measure the effectiveness of emails using software that highlights details of what specifically isn’t working, by linking campaigns to changes in sales e.g. if your email features four sofas on offer and one of them is not selling, your email can be changed to include a different sofa.

Email marketing remains a powerful tool, as long as businesses respect the time and inbox space of their email lists.


We adjust the tone and frequency of your emails to get them just right.

Myths About Email Marketing

Email marketing is losing its effectiveness
Contrary to some propaganda, email marketing is not losing its power and still commands top position in being the most trusted form of communication, as well as still being the most popular medium for companies to purchase from their DM supplier. Confusion probably lies in the fact that, like everything on the web, email marketing is evolving.

At pod, we focus on highly targeted and relevant emailing, building trust through respecting the time and inbox of recipients. Once again, quality is the key.

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