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Beautifully Designed, Responsive Website Designs To Capture Your Audience

We've made it our mission to cultivate engaging and interactive web design experiences that make a difference. We understand how much power a website holds, especially to potential customers which is why it needs to be right. It takes around 0.05 seconds, which is 50 milliseconds, for visitors to form an opinion of your website. This determines whether they stay or leave. Are you confident in your website's design, aesthetics and build?

POD Digital is a leading ecommerce web design agency, and we recognise that by specialising solely on website design, that we can help our customers make the most of the opportunities presented to them online, whilst simultaneously creating an environment where each party can move forward with complete confidence.

Whether you're a local, small business wanting to start an online shop to dominate competitors online, or an existing ecommerce business needing a refresh, driving the results you need and deserve is in our DNA.

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The POD Approach To Ecommerce Design

Step 1


Each time a project lands with our talented team of web designers, we follow four key steps that ensure a beautiful, functional and relevant design is presented to the client at the end of the project. We operate using a straightforward philosophy: understand the needs of the client and act on it. It’s as simple as that.

We research your project thoroughly. With an in-depth brief, we outline your expectations and what you wish to achieve. Our expert team of different disciplines will then come together to work hand-in-hand with you to understand who this will be applying to. In other words, who’s the target market and how do we approach them - or more specifically, how do we get them to approach you?

Step 2


After the initial stage has passed, we then look to conceptualise the project. This is where we get our creative juices flowing.

Creating a design blueprint means we can formulate all the layouts and concept designs that we think may offer answers to the questions the brief has outlined. We then analyse numerous versions of the template to ensure that we’ve hit every key point and everyone is happy.

Step 3


After we have been through the previous stages, we finally get to put pen to paper, and experiment with different colours and imagery. We take our inspiration from your suggestions to make sure that what we’re creating falls in line with your brand and the messages that you want to communicate.

However, in some cases you might have no idea of how your site should look and feel, this allows us to fully submerge ourselves into the world of your customer, ensuring we create something that really connects with the target market.

Step 4


Once our design has been approved, we progress to the build stage, and this is where we utilise our sorcery and wisdom to weave our web magic. Using the latest practices, we create a website design that is flexible and dynamically adjustable for the needs of the user and in such a way that the website can grow in line with expanding business needs.

We run the site through dynamic tests over many rounds to ensure that the functionality and responsiveness of the site are second to none.


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Responsive Web Design

Responsive design is a core focus for our team of creative minds. We know that aesthetics and design are important elements for a website, but a website should also respond to the user's behaviour and environment based on platform, screen size and orientation. 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience. This could include slow loading times, content that doesn't engage, a lack of call to actions and much more. Our team of creative minds are highly experienced in developing websites on a range of online shopping platforms, such as Magento 1, Magento 2 and WooCommerce.

We are an ecommerce web design company that goes above and beyond to exceed expectations. Now, let's get your website performing how it should, shall we?

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Your Expert Ecommerce Web Design Agency

Our Vision & Approach

Our vision for our clients is simple – to create the best online shop in their niche for the budget available, but, our work doesn’t stop there. Once the site is built we often provide our support and knowledge by promoting the site utilising a team of marketers in a variety of different disciplines. Our experience has taught us that by including a website build into a marketing plan, you’re always ready and prepared for the next steps which means you minimise the chance of any nasty surprises which can knock confidence and derail marketing efforts. We know how important it is to establish a relationship with our clients and we’ll always take up any opportunity for a face-to-face meeting, no matter where you are in the UK. We take the time to learn about you and the part your business plays in the overall landscape of your industry.

How POD Revolutionises Your Business

The unique structure at POD was created using a very clear thought process and was developed with the aim of creating a highly tuned working environment and best-in-class customer service. We work in teams or “Pods”, all of which contain a specialist in each of our service offerings, from ecommerce web design through to ecommerce SEO, CRO and even PPC. This dynamic arrangement means POD can develop and stamp a radical process onto your business and all of your online and offline marketing efforts. As one of our clients you’ll notice that our methodology revolves around close working relationships that promote confidence, interaction and long-term associations.

Why Choose POD?

Our unique process is driven forth by our background in business, proven record of excellence in creating and implementing technical processes and a strong belief in the synergy of team work. When we work with you to understand your niche we can effectively turn ourselves into an extension of your business and with this newfound knowledge and experience we can create a website that not only hits your targets, but exceeds them too. We’re not interested in forming relationships that simply won’t stand the test of time. We’re different to most agencies in that we don’t provide a universal approach to the services we provide. Instead we offer our clients contact to a specialist in each sector, so you can be certain you’re talking to the right person about the right issue. This means we can tailor our services to your needs rather than putting you in a box based on the services we offer.