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Ecommerce Video

We see and hear thousands of things every single day, and for the most part, they are fleeting moments that we allow to pass us by. But, every so often, as seldom as it might be, something stays with us. For whatever reason, one fleeting moment in a thousand captures our imagination and we think about it for weeks, or even months later.

Video is the most popular way of absorbing content online and it's absolutely massive right now. It's no passing trend either, with many experts stating that video content will account for 80% of global internet traffic by 2020. Video has the power to engage with an audience base like no other form of content which is why it's such an effective way for an ecommerce store owner to market and sell their products.

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Our Approach to Ecommerce Video Production

Step 1


Research Your Audience / Decide Core Message / Conceptualise Idea: Who is your target audience? What is the main message you want to get across? What creative approach should we take with these videos?

Script & Storyboard: Come up with a script (if needed) to help get your message across and/or illustrate a storyboard to help visualise your idea.

Schedule Shoot / Write Creative Brief: Where should we shoot the videos and when? We produce a creative brief that includes all of the information that we have discussed so your goal for the video is clear.

Pre Production

Step 2


Arrival / Logistics: Before we arrive at the shooting location, we ensure that scripts are written and approved and all arrangements have been made with any potential presenters/actors. We always like to make sure we have a clear idea of what kind of area we’ll be working in well before we arrive at the shoot; however, we will need to iron out any last minute logistical details to ensure a high-quality result.

Setup: After we’ve unloaded all the equipment we set up our kit, which includes the lighting and the camera, to ensure the shoot flows as smoothly as possible.

Actors/Presenters (Where Applicable): As soon as the script has been finalised by you, it is sent across to an actor or presenter. Before we begin rolling, we talk them through the script, set up an autocue if necessary and attach microphones for crystal clear sound quality.

Shoot: Once everything is prepared, this is when the magic happens.

Approval: Once the initial round of shooting is complete, we check with you to ensure that you’re happy with the footage we’ve captured.

production time

Step 3


Edit The Video Content: Edit the content to the specific guidelines we agreed beforehand. This means adding music, effects, sound effects and B-Roll footage to add to the video.

First Draft: A first draft is sent for you to approve. Any changes can be sent back at this point.

Signed Off: Any changes have been made, you’re happy with the outcome, and the video(s) has been signed off.

Post Production

Why is Ecommerce Video Production
Right For My Business?

In a world filled with sights and sounds – most of which we don’t even entertain – how can your business stand above the rest and say, ‘Hey! Here’s what you’re looking for, come and take a look.’ We believe ecommerce video production is precisely the avenue you should travel. These days user experience is such an important aspect to a well-rounded marketing campaign, SEO must go hand-in-hand with the experience the user has on a website, which comes down to the design and conversion rate optimisation. After all, you could have the best rankings in your sector, but your website isn’t up-to-scratch it will be difficult to make sales on a consistent basis. It’s essentially the same as directing your customers down and alley and into a brick wall, and why on earth would you do that?

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Different Types Of Video

Corporate Videos

Introduces your company, Its values, products and/or services.

Product Video

Focuses on a specific product highlighting its features and benefits

Customer Testimonials

An honest account of your services from your customers

Offer/Deals Video

To promote a sale or offer your company might have

Drone Tours

Introduces a new aerial view and gives you a new perspective.

Presenter/Explainer Video

Using an experienced presenter to explain a particular subject.

Pod Digital Pod Digital
  • Coach House Pianos Case Study

    Coach House Pianos

    Showroom Video
  • Blow Motion Case Study

    Blow Motion

    Product Videos / Customer Testimonials
  • Allcocks Outdoor Store Case Study

    Allcocks Outdoor Store

    Shop Videos / Product Videos / Product Photography
  • Bigger Diamonds 4 Less Case Study

    Bigger Diamonds 4 Less

    Corporate Video

What Can Ecommerce Videos Do For Me?

At POD we construct professional, concise and entertaining scripts that have the potential to become exceedingly powerful influences for your target audience. We work closely with the client to formulate the script well before lights, camera, action. This is because, although we conduct highly detailed research, we will never know as much about your product, your business or your niche as you do. This superior knowledge and authority carries over to the finished product, and when a customer finds the video, they can tell instantly that you are a company that can be trusted. And even if they go away and try to find a similar product elsewhere, perhaps it's cheaper, for example, that video will stick with them, and if done in the right way, they'll return to you to make their purchase.

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  • Tier 1 Package – From £1600

    Our Starter package is ideal for a business who needs an injection of creative visuals as well as a smart way to introduce themselves and their products to their customers.

      Package Includes:
    • Corporate Video

    • About Us Video

    • Product Video

    From: £1600

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  • Tier 2 Package – From £1800

    Our Intermediate package is catered towards businesses who know what they want. Offering everything from the starter package plus some eye catching social media videos.

      Package Includes:
    • Corporate Video

    • About Us Video

    • Product Videos

    • Category Videos

    • Social Media

    From: £1800

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  • Tier 3 Package – From £2500

    The Advanced package is for the businesses that wants it all. Pulling out all the stops, it’s the perfect package for a complete video takeover.

      Package Includes:
    • Corporate Video

    • About Us Video

    • Product Videos

    • Category Videos

    • Social Media

    • Process Video

    • Blog Video

    From: £2500

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  • Custom Package – Create Your Own

    This package gives you the opportunity to design your own package which is catered to your company’s needs. It can include any of the services and the price will vary.

      Package Includes:
    • Corporate Video

    • About Us Video

    • Process Video

    • Category Video

    • Product Video

    • Social Media Video

    • Blog Video

    • Customer Testimonial

    • Presenter

    • Voiceover

    From: Prices Will Vary

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