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Ecommerce SEO with POD

SEO has the highest return on investment of any other ecommerce marketing strategy. Despite this though, most online stores are put together with very little consideration for what search engines are looking for nowadays.

When POD was founded, we saw things differently. We refused to follow the beaten track and insisted on forging our own path. Approaching SEO in this way, means that we're able to tailor a bespoke journey for every client, creating a detailed roadmap that ensures success in the weeks, months and years to come.

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At POD Digital We Can…

Grow Organic Traffic by 66% in Three Months...

Organic traffic is the flow of visitors that come to a website through unpaid sources on search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and the mighty colossus that is Google. It is an incredibly important factor in the success of any ecommerce website. Therefore, the role it plays in keeping your business alive cannot be overstated.

Across all of the clients on our books, our magical mastery and savvy strategies have, on average, contributed to a 66% uplift in organic traffic, which often proves to be absolutely invaluable to a customer.

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And Increase Revenue by 312% in Twelve Months

With numerous platforms now available, creating your own ecommerce store is far more achievable than ever before. But, you can’t just create a store, twiddle your thumbs and wait for the cash to roll in. You need to be the one holding the megaphone in the middle of the crowd; if people don’t know your there, they won’t come looking for you and you can't expect to make money without turning a few heads.

This is where POD comes in. Across our clients, we have increased website revenue by an average of 312% in the first 12 months of working together. Which just goes to show what can happen when we hand you the megaphone.

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Your Online Store Has the Potential to Achieve Great Things

Ecommerce websites house thousands more pages than standard websites, which is precisely why traditional forms of SEO and content marketing strategies just don't deliver lucrative and frequent results.

Our big advantage as a specialised ecommerce marketing company is that the sheer volume of revenue providing search terms is virtually endless and whilst it takes longer to get a large website functioning for the search engines, it's also true that the opportunities for bigger wins increase with near infinite growth potential.

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Here's What We've Achieved...

It's not as easy as just adding a few H1's, check out how we have helped our client's to achieve success.

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SEO Experts Across Different Platforms

We've developed websites across a range of platforms, which means we know just how to get the best from them. In addition to a number of custom platforms, we most commonly work with Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify and Wordpress.

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We Put Mobile First

The significance of mobile in today’s forward-thinking world is undeniable. Having said that many marketers and brands strategise their marketing with desktop as their primary focus, which completely disregards everything we’ve learnt about consumer behaviour over the past few years.

Our mobile-first approach places mobile above that of desktop and other more traditional strategies. All of our tactics will be devised for mobile before being rolled out to other platforms.

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What Services Do We Offer?

Keyword Strategy & Sitemap

Keyword research is the first key step when creating an ecommerce SEO campaign and there is absolutely no room for error. We’ve seen too many campaigns fall short because people have failed to properly grasp the idea of:

Targeting Keywords That Are Achievable: Choosing keywords that have no chance of ranking on page one let alone position one is a recipe for disaster.

Choosing Keywords That Receive Traffic Relevant to Your Niche: It’s all very well sitting pretty at the top of the pile, but what’s the point if no one can see you?

Keyword Research Playing a Key Role in Creating Online Strategies: By creating an SEO sitemap which determines the pages and subpages that are needed based on keyword analysis you can ensure that each and every page is performing to a certain specification and it also gives a clear visual representation of how your site will navigate; whilst also helping to identify other areas to target and improve upon

Website Health

SEO isn’t all about appropriate keywords. It’s vital to get the technical SEO right before commencing with anything else. Think like you’re building a house –  you want to have a great view from the top window, but this isn’t possible without laying solid foundations. This is a websites technical SEO allowing a website to look and feel fantastic from the ground up. Some tasks include canonicals, status codes, HTTPS security, schema markup, pagination and link optimisation; just a few of many other relevant factors.

The bottom line is simply providing visitors to your website with the very best experience – a key element to success in SEO these days.

There are so many different aspects of technical SEO that you’d be forgiven for not being able to keep up. Fortunately, our tech-savvy team are always ahead of the curve and it’s up to them to keep abreast of any changes on a daily basis.

On-Page Projects

On-page projects are all about making sure anyone who is anyone can find what they need, so this means that having all your keywords in the right places is absolutely vital – after all if search engines can’t make head-nor-tail of a particular page, what chance has a user got?

This process mostly covers four key elements:

Home Page: The home page is where most people will land, so it’s important to get the look and feel of this absolutely spot-on.

Category Pages: Your category pages are the most important pages to get ranking because this is where the search volume is. A user who finds these immediately has all the products in that category at their fingertips.

Product Pages: As with category pages answering a searchers specific query with your product in the search results, this greatly increases your chance of conversion.

Blog Content: Search engines are, in essence, a research tool. Therefore, creating a highly optimised blog post may find itself in front of a person looking to do some market research about certain products.

Bespoke Landing Page Design: We create gorgeous, SEO driven landing pages for our clients, which are vigorously tested to ensure they have the best chance of creating a desired action for a client.

Getting this right can spell the difference between success and failure. Keyword placement is an art form in and of itself and knowing where to place them and how often is something that has turned our team into artists in their own right.


Google has evolved immeasurably over its lifetime, but in the last few years the term ‘usability’ has emerged and has become a crucial signal for Google when it comes to ranking websites.

This has been primarily driven by the fact that more consumers are choosing to view sites through a mobile device rather than a desktop, which will only continue to increase in the coming years.

The following usability factors can impact your rankings in search results:

– Load speeds
– Mobile-friendliness
– Navigation
– Ease-of-use
– How pop-ups are utilised

If these signals are weak, they can have a significant effect on your websites ability to project positive signs when Google comes to investigate your website.


Relevance alone is no longer enough to catapult a website to the highest echelons of the Google searches. Search engines want to put the right information in front of the right folks, but they won’t do that unless they trust it, and this is where authority comes in. The more you have, the more Google will be able to rely on your website.

But if relevance is not enough, what do search engines use to determine how trustworthy you are?
They do so by using the following factors:

– Who is linking to your website
– How often your brand is mentioned
– How diverse your link profile is
– Who you link to

These signals are shining beacons of trust, and are still one of the most potent ranking factors for a website. Google still places tremendous faith in inbound links from high authority websites.

  • Tier 1 Package – From £500

    Our tier 1 package is ideal for a smaller business looking to create brand awareness online and create a foothold in the digital world.

      Package Includes:
    • Quarterly Consultancy

    • Initial Keyword Research

    • Technical Optimisation

    • Onsite Optimisation

    • Outreach

    From: £500

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  • Tier 2 Package – From £1500

    The tier 2 package is excellent for those small to medium businesses that are looking to expand their reach and attract more customers.

      Package Includes:
    • Monthly Consultancy

    • Initial & Yearly Keyword Research

    • Technical Optimisation

    • Onsite Optimisation

    • Outreach

    • Reviews Integration

    • Blog Content

    From: £1500

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  • Tier 3 Package – From £2500

    Our tier 3 package is brilliant for large companies looking to strengthen their standing in the industry and increase revenue.

      Package Includes:
    • Weekly Consultancy

    • Initial & Yearly Keyword Research

    • Technical Optimisation

    • Onsite Optimisation

    • Outreach

    • Reviews Integration

    • Blog Content

    • Hero Content

    • Website Usability Testing

    From: £2500

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  • Custom Package – Create Your Own

    This option gives you the chance to design your own tailored package. It can include any of the following services and prices will vary.

      Package Includes:
    • X Amount Of Consultancy

    • X Amount Of Keyword Research

    • Technical Optimisation

    • Onsite Optimisation

    • Outreach

    • Reviews Integration

    • Blog Content

    • Hero Content

    • Website Usability Testing

    • Competitor Analysis

    • Bespoke Landing Page Optimisation

    From: Prices Will Vary

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