Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO

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Why Ecommerce SEO?

SEO has the highest return on investment of any other ecommerce marketing strategy. Despite this though, most online stores are put together with very little consideration for what search engines are looking for nowadays.

Ecommerce websites house thousands more pages than standard websites, which is precisely why traditional forms of SEO and content marketing strategies just don’t deliver lucrative and frequent results.

Our big advantage is the sheer volume of revenue providing search terms. They are virtually endless and whilst it takes longer to get a large website functioning for the search engines, it’s also true that the opportunities for bigger wins increase with near infinite growth potential.

At POD Digital, we recognise that by specialising in ecommerce SEO we can help our customers make the most of the opportunities presented to them online, which means we can move forward on the basis of creating great relationships based on success and trust.

Keyword Research is key to get the right structure for your site targeting the right keywords

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first key step when creating an e-commerce SEO campaign and there is absolutely no room for error. We’ve seen too many campaigns tank because people have failed to properly grasp the idea of:

  • Targeting keywords that are achievable. Choosing keywords that have no chance of ranking on page one let alone position one is a recipe for disaster.
  • Choosing keywords that receive traffic relevant to your niche. It’s all very well sitting pretty at the top of the pile, but what’s the point if no one can see you?
  • Keyword research playing a key role in creating online strategies. By creating an SEO sitemap which determines the pages and subpages that are needed based on keyword analysis you can ensure that each and every page is performing to a certain specification and it also gives a clear visual representation of how your site will navigate; whilst also helping to identify other areas to target and improve upon.

None of these situations is going to yield much more than wasted time and resources. This is why POD have a specialised team that work tirelessly to ensure that your campaign is optimised on a regular basis and by choosing keywords that are achievable and relevant from the beginning gives us a great springboard for long-term success.

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Technical SEO is key to ensure the foundations are in place before we commence with the rest of our SEO strategy

Technical SEO

SEO isn’t all about appropriate keywords. It’s vital to get the technical SEO right before commencing with anything else. Think like you’re building a house –  you want to have a great view from the top window, but this isn’t possible without laying solid foundations which is essentially the technical SEO allowing the website to look and feel fantastic. Some tasks include site speed, canonicals, schema markup, pagination, mobile optimisation and link optimisation; just a few of many other relevant factors.

The bottom line is simply providing visitors to your website with the very best experience – a key element to success in SEO these days.

There are so many different aspects of technical SEO that you’d be forgiven for not being able to keep up. Fortunately, our tech-savvy team are always ahead of the curve and it’s up to them to keep abreast of any changes on a daily basis.

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On Page SEO should all the customer to see all the information they need before purchasing

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is all about making sure anyone who is anyone can find what they need, so this means that having all your keywords in the right places is absolutely vital – after all if search engines can’t make head-nor-tail of a particular page, what chance has a user got? 

This process mostly covers three key elements:

  • Category pages. Your category pages are the most important pages to get ranking because this is where the search volume is. A user who finds these immediately has all the products in that category at their fingertips.
  • Product pages. As with category pages answering a searchers specific query with your product in the search results, this greatly increases your chance of conversion.
  • Blog Content. Search engines are, in essence, a research tool. Therefore, creating a highly optimised blog post may find itself in front of a person looking to do some market research about certain products.

Getting this right can spell the difference between success and failure. Keyword placement is an art form in and of itself and knowing where to place them and how often is something that has turned our team into artists in their own right.

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Offsite SEO - we provide high quality content that naturally gets links from external authoritative sites

Off-Site SEO

These days there is two stand out ranking factors that search engines value very highly:

  • Content
  • Links

Delving into the world of links and content means that it’s no longer as simple as making a tweak here and there to the website; link building takes time and a huge amount of effort and research.

POD have been very effective at creating customised link building strategies for many of our clients and this is because our team have been able to bring together a large collection of high-quality websites and reliable contacts that give us the opportunity to create great links for our clients.

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Google’s core philosophy has always included finding the best ways to provide a superior experience for their users. Google and the other search engines have embraced technological advancements and are now in a powerful position to deliver consistently on this vision.

This will only strengthen as the years go by and new technologies mature and evolve.

Having said this, however, most agencies just haven’t adapted to this part of SEO and are slow to recognise the sheer importance that the SERPS place in UX & CRO.

POD have been able to reimagine SEO and we’ve recognised that our job is to turn an industry dominated by complex algorithms and machine learning into a transparent and user-friendly experience whilst applying this to the websites of our clients. Our UX analysis typically considers four core initial elements: site structure and navigation, site speed, mobile optimisation and then all other technical factors that could affect conversion rates. This research is then applied to your target market and any customer behavioural data that you may have collected.

We use some of the best tools on the market such as heat mapping and analytics to really drill down into how your customers behave in terms of what they are looking for and how they interact with your site.

No matter how you look at it user experience is an intrinsic element to SEO these days and ignoring that fact means that a website could be potentially losing out on valuable traffic and conversions which will negatively impact a websites ability to generate revenue, not to mention rankings.


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We keep a close eye on any changes made the site to show uplifts in SEO performance. This is reflected in our detailed reports

In-Depth Reporting

At POD we believe in communication above all else. Relationships and businesses alike depend on the exchange of information in order to survive. Depending on your goals one of our directors will meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly, as a very minimum.

POD exists in such a technologically advanced world and we believe that meeting face-to-face is important because it shows our clients that we are more than just a name – we are a company made up of friendly experts that love what they do. After all, there is nothing worse than being perceived as uncommunicative and icy.

During these meetings, we present and explain our reports and findings, each with recommendations for future actions and goals from the expert in each particular field such as social media for example.

We understand that sometimes online marketing can get complicated and this is why we’re committed to cutting out the jargon and fluff and presenting only the information that the customer deems useful.

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International SEO

International SEO

If your website attracts high-quality visits from different countries or from people who speak different languages, then it may be time to chat to POD about international SEO – we make sure your international visitors are seeing the right content on your website and that hreflang is set up and managed correctly.

Local SEO

Local SEO

More searchers these days are taking to the internet to search for local businesses. POD can help your businesses stand out in local SERPs.

Site Migration Management

Site Migration Management

Website migrations often create many questions for site owners especially in regard to any potential lost revenue and it’s understandable that they may feel uncomfortable about the potential impact changes this may have on the site. POD will guide and support throughout the process to ensure you’re never out of the loop.

Video Production

Video Production

Your customers are your biggest asset, so we make sure you have clear, concise & clever video content to showcase your brand and its unique products.

Why Choose POD for Ecommerce SEO?

We developed POD’s unique structure with the aim of cultivating maximum efficiency. We work in teams or “Pods”, all of which contains a specialist in each field, from SEO through to email marketing.

This powerful approach means that POD can bring a revolutionary process and imprint it onto your business and all aspects of your online marketing. As a client, you will notice that we place massive emphasis on close working relationships, trust and communication.

We work with you to understand your industry and by doing this we can effectively turn ourselves into an extension of your business and use this newfound knowledge and experience to design a best in class digital strategy and set of goals that matches your ambitions as a business.

Unlike most agencies, who often provide a ‘Jack of all trades’ approach, we are able to offer contact with the specialist in each discipline, so you can be sure you’re talking to the right person about the right issue. This means we can work around your needs rather than pigeonholing you based on the services we offer.

Our teams are composed of experts from a variety of different backgrounds. This form of synergy brings together different opinions, processes and knowledge, which in turn enables us to create a formidable structure that is simply a cut above the rest.

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