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Ecommerce PPC

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What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click essentially purchases the top positions in the search engine results for specific keywords and phrases.

Our continued success in ecommerce PPC comes from our commitment to ensuring that our customers are receiving the biggest bang for their buck. This means that each time your ad is clicked it must have the very best chance of achieving the desired conversion; whether that’s selling a product or getting a visitor to complete an email signup.

PPC bids up to your predetermined limit in an auction that takes place each time a particular keyword is searched, showing your advert on the priority page location if your bid succeeds.

The more crucial the search wording is for you, the more you should spend.


How Can PPC Help My Business?

PPC is a quick win, particularly when you’re in the process of trying to gain traction in other forms of marketing, such as SEO.

PPC gives business owners the opportunity to improve revenue, by putting an advert in front of a group of users who are actively looking to purchase a specific product or service. An intelligent approach to paid marketing is essential if someone wishes to drive web traffic, increase conversions and boost profits.

The beauty of PPC is the fact you can control precisely what you spend, while at the same time gathering valuable bottom-line information each time an advert is sent out. Imagine you’re a company selling whiteboards from an ecommerce store paying £5 per click and during an average day you’re receiving 20 clicks. One day ten of these twenty prospects turn into paying customers.

So, for that initial investment of £100, you’ve created significantly more profit. And since everything is entirely quantifiable, you can track everything and assess precisely why a particular advert did or didn’t perform in the way you wanted.


Where Does POD Digital Come In?

If you’re already running an account, we combine software analysed data and our years of experience to ensure the account is running to its full potential. Using this data, we can identify new keyword opportunities, review existing keywords that may be underperforming and refine landing page designs.

If there is no account present, we will create an optimise a new account on Google Adwords or Bing Adcentre, or even synchronise the data between the two if a client would like to use both. And finally, we ensure that we’ve created a list of relevant keywords that can drive revenue and build brand awareness.

We create campaigns for each or all of the following:

  • Search Marketing
  • Display Marketing
  • YouTube Video Marketing
  • Google Shopping

We always ensure that we sit down with our clients to understand the critical business areas that are important to the company, this typically involves optimising for each item within the website’s menu bar.

After everything is set up, we’ll meet periodically to discuss the account, where we will walk through your bespoke report to identify weaknesses and pinpoint areas that are performing particularly well.


The POD Digital Principles

Our unique working structure is designed to be very dynamic and influential. We work in groups that we call, ‘Pods’, which contain highly knowledgeable experts in all of our service offerings, from PPC to social.

This means that whenever one of our customers has a query, they can go directly to the accountable expert, so they know that they’re talking to the right person about the right issue. We like this approach as we believe it can create and solidify relationships based on communication and trust.

Myths About Paid Search

You pay twice for PPC, as agencies take a cut
Some agencies do charge a commission on top of the official Google rate for PPC. At Pod, we are totally transparent and do not charge any PPC commissions, although we will charge a fee for managing this strategy for you.

Sometimes customers consider managing their PPC campaigns themselves. It is worth noting that PPC is not something that you set up once and leave to run, it takes time, skill and experience to build and develop successful campaigns; experimenting with pricing and keywords and phrases, keeping up with the latest search trends for your particular niche, calculating which adverts have produced the best results. 

At Pod, we are fully equipped to manage successful PPC campaigns.   

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