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Why Ecommerce Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an excellent way of delivering your chosen brand messages straight to those who count; the tricky part is getting their attention.

Here at POD, we can work with you to create an email marketing campaign that combines useful emails with a clear and compelling message that leads to successful landing pages.

“Did you know, by 2018 there are expected to be 5.2 Billion email accounts in existence?”

Your ecommerce business must take advantage of this audience, and we can tap into this crowd. Our main aims are to increase the click-through rates of emails leading to increased user engagement and ultimately more conversions. Unlike other forms of digital marketing such as SEO, there are no outside influences such as algorithm changes; therefore, you truly are in charge of your reach and message.

The POD Approach to Email Marketing

Researching Email Marketing

We will start by assessing how you collect the data to fill your email marketing subscription lists. So, it’s important for us to ask the following questions:

  • At what point are you asking for the relevant information?
  • Are you getting enough information without bombarding the user with unnecessary questions?
  • Are you using other methods to collect data?
  • Are these methods providing you with relevant and useful contacts who will be interested in what you have to offer?

Email Marketing Strategy

During our consultations, we will work with you to develop a comprehensive email marketing strategy. This will include audience segmentation, the frequency of email sends and of the course the message. As with all of the marketing we undertake, cross-channel consistency is vital.

Email Marketing Template Design

A good email template should be striking and immediately draw the recipient in and leave them wanting to know more. Our talented design team can create email marketing templates that do just that. We will create templates that are recognisable as your brand and consistent with all other mediums.

Email Marketing Optimisation

There is so much more to an ecommerce email marketing campaign than just sending out mass emails.  We study past user activity of campaigns and determine which emails worked and which didn’t perform. Your lists will be segmented to ensure subscribers are receiving content relevant to them and monitor the analytics to gauge the successes.

Email Marketing Reporting & Analysis

All findings are analysed, which give us an understanding of user behaviour. This then allows us to grow and develop the campaign strategies further. This is a critical element of email marketing as it identifies what is successful and which campaigns need re-evaluating. We will share detailed reports with you during our consultation meetings.


You’ve probably heard of the GDPR regulations.

If you’re not sure how this affects you and what you’ll need to do to prepare your business and your website for the changes, then we can help you in the following ways:

Full Website & Email Marketing Data 

We can take a close look at your website and current data collecting methods and advise what changes (if any) are necessary to bring the site in line with regulations. This includes looking at your cookie and privacy policy, contact/enquiry forms and your current email marketing data.

Email Data Compliance

We can create a “re-engagement” plan for you to contact all data you have that may not currently be compliant. The end result of this will be a list of people with a genuine interest in your service or product that is fully compliant with the regulations.

Website Data Compliance

We will advise on what your website needs to ensure all aspects of data collection are compliant and undertake the required changes if needed.

We will look at Cookies on the site and ensure they are implemented correctly. We will review your privacy policy and finally will ensure all contact and enquiry forms are correctly formatted.

Tell The World Who You Are With Ecommerce Email Marketing…

We started POD with a vision: we wanted to be different to our competitors. To do this we constructed a unique approach to the working environment; we work in groups or ‘Pods’ which comprise of experts from social media to PPC and much, much more.

This fluid approach means that POD can bring a very modern view of contemporary online marketing to your business.

While we work in a very progressive and technology-driven sector, we wholeheartedly believe that communication and long-term relationships are key to success in business. And these core values are always at the forefront of the work we do.

Before we even begin to work on the campaign, we get to know you and your industry, by doing this we can effectively become the marketing arm of your business.

Myths About Email Marketing

Email marketing is losing its effectiveness
Contrary to some propaganda, email marketing is not losing its power and still commands top position in being the most trusted form of communication, as well as still being the most popular medium for companies to purchase from their DM supplier. Confusion probably lies in the fact that, like everything on the web, email marketing is evolving.

At pod, we focus on highly targeted and relevant emailing, building trust through respecting the time and inbox of recipients. Once again, quality is the key.

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