Ecommerce Digital Marketing

After assessing your needs, we tailor-make a portfolio of Ecommerce Digital Marketing strategies to build the opportunities around both your strengths and weaknesses. Maximising profitability is the target/ optimising ROI.


Pod offers the strategic tools of Branding, Website and Consultancy that span your entire marketing effort. It is vital to get these right, as their power will transmit through all aspects of your business. Consistency and clarity are key. At Pod, we get the core of what you do and then use our innovative design to represent this in a powerful way.

Traffic Generation

Bringing traffic to your website is ever more challenging as sheer volumes of advertising and content increase and technical strategies become more complex. Pod’s technical expertise and state-of-the-art philosophy come into full play in this arena, where you simply can’t afford to stand still. SEO, PPC, Email Marketing and Social Media all offer exciting opportunities to outsmart your competition.

ROI Evolution

As strengthening ROI is the key objective, we continually monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of strategies being used. It’s important to keep a clear head and overall perspective when using the complex analysis tools and enormous volumes of data available. This takes experience and understanding.