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At POD we began with an unparalleled vision. We believe that the hard-line approach provided by other agencies is far too rigid, by offering an optimum mixture of ecommerce digital strategies we can tailor a bespoke solution for each client.

First of all, it's important to analyse what success means for your business. So, on a basic level these will include the following factors: Targets & Aspirations, Strengths & Weaknesses, Competitive Landscape and finally, Market Share.

Once we’ve assessed each of these points, we can then begin to build a customised ecommerce strategy that ties in with budgets and an ongoing vision of success.

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Ecommerce Strategy Consultants

We place massive emphasis on communication, and even though we operate in a high-tech industry, we believe that a break down in personal relationships and information exchange will only spell disaster in the ongoing quest for business supremacy.

We will schedule a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly face-to-face meeting. Each of these meetings is used to display your latest report, where we can pinpoint potential improvements and areas that are performing particularly well.

We don't like complicated jargon, we talk in simple and bottom line terms, after all, blindsiding you with processes and situations that are sometimes difficult to understand doesn’t do anyone any good.

Strategy & Marketing Plan

Ecommerce Marketing: A Selection of Our Services

Web Design

When we come to design an ecommerce website, we take a long-term view and build from the bottom. Which means our approach is the same, whether you require a site rebuild or a brand new site. Before we even think about the aesthetic appeal of the website, we focus on two critical elements: ‘ROI’ and ‘Conversion’, because this is where our clients will get the biggest bang for their buck. Our team of gifted geniuses then take the reins and create a website that functions, feels and looks excellent to contribute to broader brand recognition. We understand that sometimes, you know you need a change, but don’t know quite which direction to go in, and that’s fine as this is something we’ll cover in the early stages, so you’ll know precisely why we’ve recommended a particular plan of attack.

Website Design


As we create websites, we’re always mindful of future plans – this is where our long-term view comes into play. We ensure each website is designed to make optimisation for SEO easier and more appealing to Google. SEO, done correctly, has the highest ROI of any other marketing strategy. However, we frequently find that ecommerce stores aren’t made to encompass search engine optimisation techniques, they are just cobbled together to look good, which is an essential element for success online, but it’s not the only defining factor when a business decides to wade into the waters of online marketing.



Conversion rate optimisation is the practice of getting users to convert (e.g. take a desired action) on your website. This could be from calling your business number to book an appointment, to filling out the contact form on the website. It’s a crucial part of website marketing. Web design, CRO and SEO combined make a powerful marketing tool that is required to transform your online business and make it a success.



Pay-Per-Click purchases the top positions in SERPS for specific words and phrases. Our continued success in this arena comes from our strategy of optimising cost versus benefit. We ensure that each click that you pay for has the very best chance of converting into the pre-agreed action, i.e. a sale, newsletter signup or whatever it might be. Analysing other forms of your online marketing, such as organic, will show us which course of action will provide you with the best return on your investment, so you’re not throwing away valuable capital.


Social Media

We’re firm advocates of social media ecommerce at POD. Social is the only marketing tactic that gives you a direct line of communication to a specific audience. When it is built intelligently and creatively, social allows you to understand your customer base and grow your brand message by creating a buzz amongst your followers. This is vital knowledge and will be invaluable when it comes to constructing future campaigns.

Social Media

Email Marketing

Getting your brand out there and telling people what you’re all about as a company is becoming harder and harder. Email marketing allows you to target your messages to those who matter. We work alongside our clients to create a campaign that combines these essential messages with landing pages that are proven to spread awareness and increase conversion.


Website Video Production

Creating neat, professional and even humorous videos are a great way to reach a customer. We work closely with a client to formulate a well-thought out script well before we start filiming. This is because, although we conduct in-depth, detailed research, we will never know as much about your product, your business or your niche as you. This information will then carry over to the finished product, and when a customer finds the video, they can tell instantly that you are a company that can be trusted.

Video Production

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