Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

CRO measures and tests visits to your website, in order to improve how many of these are converted into sales.

“Killer whales primary sensory system is their auditory system as they often need to navigate in the absence of light. They use their biological sonar ability and echolocation to help them determine the size, shape, structure, composition, speed, and direction of an object.”

We will use A/B and multivariate testing with a view to increasing customer conversions on your web page. We use a number of analytics methods and cognitive principles to develop tests for your web pages that will appeal to your audience and improve the optimisation of your site. It is a process of continuously testing to maximise the conversion of your site. Each conversion strategy we adopt is based on in depth analysis and our understanding of the user journey of your site. This proven strategy increases the likelyhood that the changes we make will improve conversion. Before we begin any campaign we ensure that a comprehensive audit is done and that your website is setup to gather the correct analytics.

We principally concentrate on the following areas:

Ecommerce CRO Optimisation
The purpose of this package is to increase your web sales, reducing abandoned sales and increasing the goal conversion.

Dynamic Landing Pages
This package allows us to tailor specific landing pages to each visitor based on their past behaviour.

Content Personalisation
We can implement strategies, again based on research and proper software implementation, that allow you to target specific content to each specific visitor. For instance, you can have tailor made content dependant on traffic source, device, geographic location or visitor type (i.e. new/returning).

Paid Traffic Optimisation
We will ensure that your website is setup for optimising the conversion of your paid traffic. We will usually focus on your campaign landing pages to ensure that they are as relevant to the visitor as possible and will use split testing methods to ensure the page optimisation improves over time.

Analytics Recommendations
We will ensure that our software is setup to enable proper site analysis, specifically concentrating on:

  • Ensuring Visitor Segments are defined.
  • Building Traffic tunnels.
  • Ecommerce is being properly tracked.
  • Relevant Goals are set up.
  • Social Media Event are tracked.

Our split testing methods allow us to quickly evolve your website to achieve better customer engagement.


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