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A picture says a thousand words

Even for smaller businesses, building a brand is ever more important as online competition intensifies and differentiation becomes even harder. On the other hand, opportunity abounds for those in the know.

“Killer whales are in fact not whales, but members of the dolphin family.”

Far from being just an icon and strap line, ecommerce branding should cut straight to the USP of your business, encapsulating the essence of your beliefs and values and demonstrating why you are different to the competition. Your brand will build trust if you ensure that your digital activity matches accurately with what you offer: people no longer tolerate brands getting their attention by underhand means. For those willing to invest the time and money in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and accurately targeted sponsored advertising I.e. Pay Per Click (PPC), the level of sophistication now required to succeed means that only the best win. Social media used well can accumulate both trust and emotional attachment through interesting, quality content and avoiding ‘hard sell’ articles.   

While the budget required to build a digital brand will be significant, techniques to improve conversion to actual sales, such as Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), vastly improve ROI’s and help continuous improvement in your overall approach and success rates. 

In short, investing in excellent ecommerce branding is really the only option and should reap dividends for many years to come.


What is your key message?


How do you reflect this in design, wording, colour, style etc?


How will your brand be reflected in terms of your product or service and customer experience?

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