Digital Marketing Consultancy

Distance yourself

Digital marketing strategy is a simply a reflection of a company’s broader marketing strategy. It is often easier to see what needs to be done when looking in from the outside.

“Killer whales work in groups to catch whole shoals of fish, since catching single fish isn’t worth the bother. They use air bubbles and belly flashes to herd fish into a tight ball, like a rotating carousel, then slap the fish with their tails to stun them and so make them easier to gulp down.”

Pod work with many clients as consultants to their overall business, as well as their marketing strategy. With experience in building and selling businesses and global investment across all sectors and markets, pod offers its clients an overview which may be difficult for them to achieve themselves when so busy and involved on a daily basis.

Pod’s business consultancy can cover any or all aspects of your business, looking at your competitive environment; introduction of ideas from different sectors; scenario analysis for future developments within your industry, as well as the more tangible day-to-day running of the business, financial strategies and so forth.

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