Oliver’s Kitchens

Oliver’s Kitchen’s is a luxury kitchen company specialising in tailor-made, oak kitchens.  The company needed to differentiate itself in a crowded marketplace and emphasise the superior quality of both their kitchens and their customer care.

During discussion with the client, a real need to focus on how to stand out in a highly competitive market with many thousands of small players was highlighted.  The other issue for the company in an industry where visual impact is key, was a lack of photos of a suitable quality, since kitchens tend to be unfinished at the time of fitting e.g. decorating, accessorising, the addition of other furniture, like tables, chairs and barstools all still need to be done, meaning that photos of the finished kitchens may not be available for months.

Key components of the strategy focused on rebranding and upgrading of the website both visually and functionally, as well use of long-tail search phrases e.g. ‘luxury oak  kitchen Northampton’, instead of ‘luxury kitchen’ which was then analysed using conversion rate optimisation techniques such as heatmaps and call recording, where the enquiry is tracked throughout the whole sales process.  Finally, Oliver’s social media strategy is currently being launched, as it is a must for the target client base, notably Pinterest and Facebook.

Oliver’s kitchens are very happy with the increase in enquiries and conversions to the point where they have had to increase production capacity and now have a full order book of almost a year.