Pro Components

Pro Components specialises in the manufacture of drawer boxes for kitchen and other companies.  The company wanted to differentiate itself on its high quality product and flexibility as regards tailoring to specific client needs, rather than competing on price.

pod’s proposal was based around a number of strategies which kicked off with a rebranding exercise and the creation of a much improved website which was easy to use and very practical, in line with the needs of the website’s target audience of professional technical buyers.  Since launch, the website has been monitored using heatmaps to assess client activity and focus.  Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) has proved very helpful in further improving ease-of-use to encourage phone and email enquiries. 

In addition, SEO strategies on and offsite are underway, improving the company’s national reach, since locality is of less relevance for largescale orders.  Furthermore, many of the most prestigious brands are based closer to London and the Home Counties where higher house prices encourage higher spend on kitchens and so higher quality is in more demand. 

Pro Components are starting to have enquiries from further afield and from some highly prestigious names in the kitchen industry.  They are reaping the benefit of focusing on quality and opting out of competing principally on price.