The National Motorcycle Museum

The National Motorcycle Museum (NMM) is recognised as the finest and largest motorcycle museum in the world, boasting 1,000 plus of the world’s finest motorcycles. 

In line with the objective of the museum’s founder, Mr WR (Roy) Richards, who sadly passed away in 2008, the aim of the site is to celebrate Britain’s exceptional contribution to world motorcycling history and, as such, represents a different sort of challenge in its digital marketing strategy. Furthermore, the NMM’s faced the challenge of keeping their offering fresh since, like most museums, there is little turnover in terms of new exhibits and developments to encourage visitors back for repeat visits. 

Olympia-Motorcyce-1937-Image-11Pod’s first change was to completely revamp the branding and website, giving it a contemporary airiness which has since been reflected in the layout of the actual exhibitions. This has helped to translate the fascination of previous generations of motorcycle enthusiasts into a more tangible and competitive passion for the younger generations. The site has been made more dynamic by the introduction of a shop which sells a variety of souvenirs and gifts, as well as the inclusion of the museum’s fantastic competitions which sometimes offer vintage motorbikes as prizes. 

A social media strategy has been implemented, focusing resource on Facebook rather than Twitter and the other social media hotspots, since this medium fitted better with the target audience and content, mainly due to the more permanent nature of a lot of the museum’s communications. The social media strategy is vital in building the online community of enthusiasts who are a fantastic and self-sustaining source of promotion, as well as building the museum’s position as the leading centre for all things to do with the history of British motorcycling. Finally, CTO is being used to monitor the success of various strategies to encourage repeat visits to the website (and hopefully repeat visits to the museum).