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Top 5 Web Design & UX Trends for 2020

web design trends

Web design is the process of creating and designing websites. It essentially encompasses a number of key elements, including web page layout and graphic design. We know that web design trends are constantly changing and evolving, and it’s incredibly important to have a website for your business that captures and converts your target audience. Many web designers have been exploring a variety of avenues when it comes to design, from inventing new styles, pushing towards immersive 3D elements, luminous colour schemes, and more that are incredibly creative and innovative. The modern-day trend with web design is clean, sleek and functional sites that are clear of any clutter and disorganisation – and this is where UX comes in to play.

UX refers to user experience, and it has become quite the catchphrase in recent years among the digital world. Without a doubt, UX design plays a pioneering role in website design, as it continues to dominate and transform online businesses that reap in higher conversion rates. So, if you’re wanting to learn more about the trends for 2020, and you’re looking to upgrade the functionality and interactivity of your website, prepare to process some of the most ingenious design trends ready to take the digital world on this year.

1. Illustrations Artwork

Although we have seen small illustrations in web design, we predict it’s going to be an even bigger hit this year. As designers are getting more creative with art that captivates, we’re looking to see illustrations that turn average looking websites into something really distinctive and unique. They possess a powerful force and can help promote a stronger brand message through visual reinforcement. Digital illustration has evolved significantly, combining traditional drawing techniques with modern artwork, that actually works.

Elisabetta Calabritto focuses on imperfect, hand-drawn design elements that provide a personal, emotional touch to websites. Design elements that are personal often engage visitors more as they find it appealing.

 “A big trend next year will be hand-drawn icons. They’re more emotional, but on a positive note. This trend is connected to the fact that we need more positive stuff around, something that can brighten up the day.”  – Elisabetta Calabritto

Illustration Trends in Website Design

  • Duotones and gradients
  • Abstract
  • Buxom serifs
  • Overlapping designs
  • White spaces

Design Fact: First impressions of a website are 94% design related

Discover the unique illustrations from some of these big named brands:

Airbnb – Keeping up to date with the future of design.

air bnb design

Mailchimp – Embracing a new brand identity and evolving the art of illustration design.

mailchimp design

2.3D Effects

Interactive and immersive 3D effects will be the most popular trend in 2020. 3D elements add an unreal level of depth which connects with visitors and leaves a long-lasting impression. This kind of design is unreachable by any other digital technology, which is why designers are creating extraordinary pieces that are paving the way for mind-blowing and genius websites. Keep on the lookout for static 3D elements with smooth and realistic shapes, and interactive and animated designs that will be sure to feature a minimalist style.

If you’re looking to create 3D visuals, then floating elements and soft shadows are able to provide you with a pseudo 3D effect. This ultimately makes the design more layered, adds more depth and overall, makes it a lot more interesting for visitors to look at and engage with.

Design Fact: Given 15 minutes to consume a piece of content, website users would rather read something beautifully designed than something plain

See some brilliant examples below:

A To 0 Design

AO design


cobay animal research

3.Voice User Interface

Voice search is the future, and by 2020 it is predicted that 50% of all searches will be conducted through voice search. While telling Google what to search for can save time and convenience for all of us, imagine the impact it would have on websites themselves if voice recognition was integrated. There are three main voice assistants – Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. Speech recognition, (although isn’t a design element) will play a huge role in the upcoming year for websites all across the globe. It makes for an easier way for users to find what they’re looking for, and it’s entirely down to personal preference.

If you’re thinking of implementing your very own speech recognition feature to your website, ensure your site is already optimised for voice search. Follow our foodie themed guide to SEO to learn more.

4.Luminous Colour Schemes

Although this trend may not be a surprising one, colour schemes have a very powerful impact on web designs and user interactivity. Strategic colour pairings heavily influence the overall design and user journey within a website. We’re seeing a lot more bold and distinct colour combinations that we wouldn’t necessarily think would work off screen, but on screen, they really make a difference. Duotones, in particular, remain at the forefront of design with futuristic, neon colours that make a great impression.

study has shown that adjusting colour can increase your CRO performance by up to 24%. We know that colour psychology refers to how colour affects human behaviour, and you should be utilising these facts to your own advantage. Learn more about the emotion of design for a more impactful website design strategy.

Discover stunning colour schemes below:


chordsurfer design

ICO Syndicate

website colour trends

Design Fact: Colours increased web recognition by 80%. Sites with dark colour schemes increased growth by 2% whereas sites with lighter colour schemes experienced 1.3% growth

5.Micro Interactions

micro interaction gif example

Micro-interactions are designed with one task in mind. They are contained product moments that feature attention to detail and can increase brand awareness and enhance user journeys. Ultimately, these small interactions that occur on a website, is what makes it interesting, and less boring. Although these design elements are visually and aesthetically appealing, they can significantly improve a user’s experience. They can promote and encourage engagement and interactivity, communicate the brand and make your site more personal and emotional. We definitely think they’re the little secret to great web design.

blog micro gif

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