Dumelow International Case Study

Background –

Dumelow International is a British based company that was formed in 1996. They specialise in reconditioning Massey Ferguson tractors and agriculture machinery selling all over the world. 95% of sales through Dumelow were made up of exports, they pride themselves on being able to deliver to almost any destination around the world.

Dumelow also has a strong understanding of the needs and requirements of clients in Africa as the company director worked there for many years.

The Job –

Dumelow wanted to create a new page for their website where they could display information about where they exported to in Africa. They didn’t however want just a list or graph displaying the information, they wanted something that people could interact with, while also presenting all the relevant information in a clean and simple manner.

Our part –

Our approach to their brief was to come up with an interactive map of Africa, that was broken down into all the individual countries. We were able to achieve a design that fitted in with their existing style while also providing all the crucial information for each individual country. The map itself was designed using a simple vector approach that wouldn’t distract the user away from the information while still appearing inviting and engaging for the viewer to use. By also creating it in a vector we were able to supply the image as an .svg file (an svg file is a scalable vector graphic that supports interactivity & animation) and target each country individually, which allowed us to apply rollover effects that only covered the shape of each country while also providing an opportunity to use a simple lightbox effect to contain the information.

The information supplied within each countries lightbox is aimed to provoke the viewer into thinking about buying one of Dumelow’s used tractors, the information we provided shows how many tractors there are in that country and how much land is arable, we found that this was a great snippet of information as it provided the user with key information on how valuable owning a tractor could be for them.

The whole concept and design was aimed to be CRO and SEO optimised therefore helping Dumelow to rank better with their search ranking and help to convert views to sales.

pods approach