Decorum Case Study

Decorum Technology are a residential and commercial audio and video installers with over 20 years of experience in this ever-changing field.  From family media rooms to fully automated homes and commercial premises, they have experience with the full range of properties and budgets.

Decorum came to us via a recommendation from an existing client.  They felt that their current website and logo no longer reflected their business in 2017.  We had meetings with the client to understand what they wanted to achieve with the site so that we could help them put together a sitemap and marketing strategy.

Decorum Technology Logo

As a prestigious technology-based company, Decorum felt that their website did not reflect the state-of-the-art concept that their high-end clients expected. They felt that the look and feel of the site was dated, with too much content and not enough imagery, as well as a poor colour scheme. Since website technology itself has moved on apace, the company felt that they could be presenting their concepts and products in more innovative media, such as improved use of video and higher quality photography in line with current web design trends. Furthermore, as developing a joined-up marketing strategy was a long term goal, getting the website right was more important than ever as it would be the linchpin of this new strategy.

Decorum have both residential and commercial clients. They felt that these had not been well differentiated and their previous website could cause confusion when following through on a product offering. With this in mind, we came up with a new concept for the sitemap making the journey for the user as easy as possible.  To differentiate the sectors, we chose to do this with colour so commercial and residential were instantly recognisable.

We then looked at the colour scheme. With Decorum’s target client likely to be male, professional, technologically-minded, in their 30’s – 50’s or 60’s and quite wealthy, the parameters were set. Although the original colour scheme of purple is a favourite for women, it is the least favourite for men. Furthermore, as purple stands for luxury, royalty and sadness, we felt that this scheme would not help us achieve the impact we were looking for.

Both men and women’s favourite colour is blue. The meanings associated with the colour blue, such as calm, stable, trust and smart, felt appropriate and also gave the brand a high end feel and related more to technology.

After agreeing on the new colour scheme we then had the task of refreshing the logo.  The company did not want a complete departure from their current look, so we introduced the new colour scheme and font to give it a more modern and fresh feel.

Decorum Technology Case Study

We looked next at content. The old site was very text heavy.  A site with a lot more imagery would not only be easier to absorb for the efficient male shopper, but would also help to create a more contemporary look. As much of the product offering has been designed very much with look in mind since it forms part of the interior of people’s homes and business environments, there was already a wealth of fantastic imagery readily available and free. This would add to the quality of the website while keeping costs reasonable. To achieve a luxury feel, we used large images to showcase the systems. Laying out the content in a more visual and interactive way through accordions, pdf’s and video helped to make the site more enticing and draw in the visitor visually. We also added clear call-to-actions at the bottom of every page, again making it easy for people to get in touch if they would like more information or a quote.

Decorum wanted to take advantage of the fact that we offer bespoke video solutions to our clients, enabling us to create case studies to put on the client’s website to showcase the work they have done.  As the client completes more work, we are able to film this and add it to the site and other marketing media, such as social. This is an excellent way to showcase the broad range of services offered by Decorum and also the quality of their work.

The site was built using WordPress, a free and open source content management system (CMS) with a bespoke theme.  We used plugins such as Advanced Custom Fields, Contact Form 7 and Yoast SEO to aid in the build of the site.  This allowed us to make it as editable as possible so that the client can go in and update content and images if required.