Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Human capacity to analyse and interpret data, then make decisions on this basis, is a powerful attribute, but what happens when the sheer volume of data is simply too big for our brains to handle?

Evolution of the internet has allowed the collection of vast quantities of feedback data on how websites are performing. Some of the most useful data includes the number of visitors to a website or page, the number of pages visited, the number of contact form enquiries, the number of phone calls which can then be cross referenced with where the visitors have originated from. All this information can provide great insight into how the website is working and used to adapt the website to improve ROI’s.

At pod, we are going the extra mile with this analysis by using our proprietary artificial intelligence system to track, analyse and improve your campaigns. This software uses the best of what we do and then scales it up to be able to make the most of the available feedback, so giving your website the edge.

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